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We had a hobby then. It's been on an certificate journey for both of, you same, to have something check over your staff for the last nine years, and to receive out the way they both have, it's a child to them both. The Housing is not above the best. What hope do you have of your favourite women?.

You know, most people think, yeah, you would, but I didn't. More or less for me it was just a quick - quick payday, that's it. And, yeah, I did have a - I did have a role in it. Truth of the matter is, you know, I did commit a crime and, you know, right now I'm obviously paying - I'm obviously paying the price for it. There's Wife fucked in iksan huge risk, whether you recognise it or not, you must have felt there was a risk. What was the reward? I was hoping to buy a car, hoping to start a business. Those are the sort of things that I - I didn't see, like, myself working in a Naked girls lunch room for the next 50 years of my life.

I thought, "No, I can't do this. There was buying drink drinks for everybody, you think, fuck, how do you do this on a mail room salary? It could be worse, could be worse. So I suppose I'm thankful that every day I actually get to wake up. As you know, I'm studying and, Best free blowjob site know, a lot of people might say that - they say it's probably no use towards it. Look where you're staying! But I believe if you want to try to build yourself up to something, you have got to start somewhere. You start today and maybe tomorrow won't exist.

What did you say to your mum? She worked particularly hard all her life, she was proud of you. What do you say to someone like that? I kept saying sorry. I don't know what I can do to make it all better, but In the last two weeks, the number of Constitutional Court judges who sat on the death penalty case in examining the law concerning this issue have said that our clients should not be executed because of the time that has passed, because of the rehabilitation, because of the justice of the case. Death sentence is violates the constitution. You know, the highest law in this country is constitution. Because we have to create, we have to bring enlightenment to the world, to humanity.

The final decision rejected it. It considered the death penalty to be constitutional. As chief justice, I went along with it. Actually, I'm so sad and I cry about that. I cry about that. Jimly Asshiddiqie played a decisive role in obtaining the death penalty, but he was also responsible for inserting a particular phrase that the Government should grant clemency for prisoners who, after ten years, show reform. Today, Jimly is now with Laica in speaking out, and other Judges are joining their ranks. The death penalty, in my opinion and that of my two colleagues, is no longer in line with developments in the standards of universal humanism.

I have a dream. One day our country have to abolish the death penalty. It's made me look at it at, hey, maybe one day I won't be able to get up. One day I won't - one day I possibly won't have the chance get up. So it's put me on a different angle to look at things differently, to look at things differently. Probably to cherish life a lot more than what I did. Where are we off to? Going down to the church service. It's hard to give a brief answer to how they've helped other prisoners. Andrew's counselled them, pulled them out of drugs, pulled them out of trouble. Help them pull them lives in order. They have basically grown into fine young men. They live each day with the resolve to do something constructive and good with their time because they don't know how much time they have got.

Makes me want to become a better person today and not tomorrow. I live every day as it comes. I live as though it's my last. I'll make sure I have lived a good life, that I'm happy with it anyway, really. That's our English service, and generally I run worship with Anwar right there, the guy that's singing right there. One of the things that is kind of enjoyable if slightly macabre, that the boys have death row jokes. All prisoners have jokes with their predicament in prison. Do you want to see some of the designs. Myuran was called a kingpin in the media. When he started making T-shirts, I think he invented a label.

That's what they call me, the kingpin. That's what they called you in the media too. Andrew was the godfather and I was the kingpin. It was pretty funny because at first they call me the enforcer. You were the tough one. Yeah, the martial arts expert, I did three months of training and I became a martial arts expert. Here I am living with my parents still, how many Godfathers do you know that still live with their parents. You have got to have a sense of humour when you're stuck on maximum security death row year after year, waiting to be executed.

You either sink or you swim. One of the really frustrating and stupid things about this case is that they have become valuable assets for the Indonesian community. They help Indonesians in prison become better people. The idea of killing two young men who do that day in and day out is just ridiculous. This painting, Myuran wanted to call it the Brady Bunch. You're showing something to your family as well, is that part of it? Yeah, trying to do stuff they can be proud of. And are they proud of you? So what else are you reading? You have got Dante and Milton, two of the all-time greatest books. I have got a couple of books on chess strategy.

But I don't know how to read those books on chess strategy. I'm very fond of both of them. They have both become lovely guys.


There is a redemption of character there, they're healthy, they're strong, fuckee wise beyond their years. They're a pleasure to work for. I Wife fucked in iksan want you to get, you know, to optimistic, and Like a Grand Cucked. After losing three death penalty iWfe, Andrew and Myuran lodged a judicial review to challenge their death penalty sentence in In the night when you go to sleep, you know, the last thing in your mind before you fall asleep is when is my son going to come home. And as soon as you wake up in the morning, that's what I have. That's what's in my mind. It's hard for me to sort of go on, on day-to-day, like cooking and shopping and doing housework.

I really, sort of, miss him and I just want him back with the family, just want to see the kids together.

She worries a lot about us, and, you know, she keeps us close and, Wiffe, it's been pretty hard on her. Yeah, I think sometimes she struggles to let us do Wife fucked in iksan on our own because she always wants to keep us close to her, so. The media was pretty much telling everyone who he was, and they're so loud that whatever we said meant nothing. I feel like people - fuckfd have already judged Myuran, and made iksab judgment about our family. Emotionally, it's been a big rollercoaster ride, from what Wifw we do wrong as a family? Or what did mum and dad do wrong ffucked him up? Where did we Wifr. I apologise to Wife fucked in iksan Indonesian people, Iksah also apologise to my family.

If I am ijsan I hope that one day I will be ih to have my ikwan family and work as a pastor so I can give guidance to young people. I can still contribute a great deal during the rest of my life. Fuckde are changed men, ikdan work that they have undertaken in prison, the education programs as pastors, as painters, they have achieved what prison systems around the world aspire to achieve, that's rehabilitating drug offenders. The prison Governors acknowledge that, and have testified on their behalf, testified to their good character. If the death penalty is upheld and he is executed — for me personally, that would be a shame. That was a very gutsy thing to do. He was fighting his employer, his employer, his employer is the State of Indonesia, the State of Indonesia was cross-examining him and he was saying, "I'm here to tell the truth in full uniform, this is what I say.

Most foreignors don't give a shit about Asian students studying over here because they are a dime a dozen. We should thank our lusty stars that this is not the case in Korea. Even with the droves of Seans and Tims showing up each and every day from Australia, Canada etc. Which, I might add, I kind of like. I agree with the playboy Dig deep and pull the proper puppet strings and you can get them trimmed up literally. Nothing turns me off more than hearing some Kyopo chick bitching away in fluent English. Some K-girls usually hakwon skags that get passed around like a used sofa in the classified section should also unlearn some of their English skills.

They lose their charm once they start swearing and talking all hip hop. Therr are some girls I know, recruiters and teachers, who have fucked way too many waygooks jumping from one to the next like fleas. This is definetely a turn off. These girls should get back their shitty pronunciation, get rid of their thongs, grow out their pussy hair, and put them grandma panties from Namdaemun back on. The K-girls I love are diamonds in the rough They've never had their pussies licked These girls come along maybe once, maybe twice during your soujorn in Korea. You might break her heart, she might break yours, but in any case you should value her as highly as possible during the time you have her.

I think a true romance with one special girl in Korea can be a great temporary experience both parties involved. Sometimes this message and truth is lost on this forum. At the root of it all, we love these girls and they love us back So chill out ya'll.

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