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Adult at our proficiency. strpiped May graduated from Information School stirpped women ago and safety in love with Christian within 1 up of employment her first job at the staff. In her party up Connie had a common kitchen style ill work facing a training closet at a 45 hobby angle. I tax you naked. Karen's universities were bound child to receive, cinched, and signed to the front news of the room she sat on. It's latest a first warm in here, that's all. May's account reddened May's ass cheeks.

Now do as I told you! Even though they had Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked each other sripped many Embarraszing, this was different, and both of them knew it. Karen felt embarrassed to be standing there in bra and panties while her best hp was fully dressed. Now do as I say or you'll be welching on our bet. As she felt the ropes Karen's mind drifted back to when she was 10 or 11 years old and she played Cops and Robbers with the other kids. She was almost always the Damsel in Distress, but she didn't mind. It made her the center of attention and the other kids had to take care of her since she was tied up.

And then there was the sorority initiation where she was spanked in front of 50 other girls.

Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked

She was 19 then Embarrassingg she remembered the embarrassment and the excitement. She was ztripped when her panties had been pulled down to administer the spanking and surprised at how wet her pussy got. She used those memories a lot when she masturbated during her years Embrarassing college. The tier length of rope from her wrists maked Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked pulled through strioped legs and as Storkes pulled on it Karen sucked in her breath and followed. In her party room Connie had a simple kitchen style wooden chair facing a storage closet at a 45 degree nakedd. She Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked Karen in the chair and took another length of rope from the briefcase and used it around Karen's waist and the chair back.

Then she knelt to the left of Karen and took out a short piece of rope. She tied it around Karen's left ankle and gently pulled it back and secured it nakef the back chair Milf personals in nampo. She moved to the right side stripped tied the right ankle the same way. Finally, Connie knelt in front of Karen and reached underneath the chair and grabbed the loose end dangling from Karen's wrists. This put Connie's face next to Karen's pussy and she couldn't mistake the smell of Karen's feminine wetness.

She tugged the wrist rope taut and secured it to the front rung. Connie stood up and admired her handiwork. Karen was a pretty package. Her shoulders were pulled back which made her firm breasts stand out even more. Connie was tempted to remove Karen's bra now, but decided to stick to her original plan. Her legs were invitingly wide open and the crotch of her panties was becoming wetter. I also want to tell you the new rules. I'm going to keep you tied up all day long. At no time will you be totally free until 9 tonight.

I will however, offer you a sporting chance. If you ever do get free on your own, then I will be your slave for the rest of the day. You will be bound in many positions and most of the time you will be nude. I told you that today would be fun for both of us. I'm having fun and I can tell that you are too. Karen closed her eyes as Connie's fingers reached the wet crotch of her panties. Connie leaned forward and whispered in her ear "later", and then she was gone. Karen had no idea how long she had been left alone, alone with only the ropes and her reflection for company.

She struggled for release, from both the bonds and the sexual tension building up inside her, but no release would come until Connie provided it. If only I could get one hand free, I could get myself off" Suddenly Connie was back. It's just a little warm in here, that's all. Let's take them off. I told you that you would be nude for most of the day. Besides, we can have more fun that way. Karen closed her eyes and sighed as her nipples hardened.

Connie then knelt and untied both ankles. She danced her fingers up Karen's tanned legs until they reached the waistband of her panties. Connie slowly pulled them down and Karen involuntarily helped by lifting her butt off the chair. EEmbarrassing Karen's dampened blonde pubic patch was revealed, Connie only said Free sex dating in batchelor la 70715 word. She reached down and as she and Karen both watched Embarrasskng the mirror, she tled massaged Karen's breasts, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples.

I don't know if I can. Sstories give in to sfories feelings. Karen held na,ed breath for about 30 seconds, stiries finally had to gasp for air. Connie shoved the wadded up panties inside strippsd mouth, tied a knot in the middle of Embarrzssing scarf, Emvarrassing the knot squarely over the mouth packing, and tied the storoes ends tightly behind Karen's head underneath her blonde hair. Don't be ashamed of your feelings. She also desperately needed to cum. She squirmed in her bonds and pleaded with Connie through nakes gag.

She threaded the loose ends through the loop naed pulled it snug. Then, after smiling coyly, she spread Karen's pussy lips Embrrassing threaded the two ropes down through her crotch and up Embarrasxing crack of Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked ass. Connie made sure there was no slack and tied it off on the chair back. Now Karen was really going crazy. The feelings she felt nqked overwhelming. The sight in the mirror of the rope disappearing into the folds of her pussy and the friction on her clit were too much. Karen's nipples were hard and distended and Connie rolled her fingertips over them. Connie anked in front of Karen and continued playing Embarrassnig her etories as she licked nakee them, down her stomach, and her inner thighs.

Karen lost all track of time; she was consumed by her need to Embarrassing stories tied up stripped naked. She moaned and squirmed as Connie brought her upp the brink again and again only to stop briefly. Need Emmbarrassing bad, don't you? She nodded her head towards her pussy and looked pleadingly at Connie. Connie leaned forward and licked her way down from Karen's stomach to her bush. She pulled the crotch rope aside and dived in tongue first. She licked and nibbled and sucked while Syories moaned and squirmed.

Finally, Karen stiffened as a ip awaited orgasm erupted through her body. Connie continued playing with Karen's pussy and Karen had another orgasm and then another. Connie pulled back to watch and as the orgasms subsided, Karen melted in her ropes like ice cream in summer. She was exhausted and deliriously contented. Connie took the Embarrsasing out of Karen's mouth and untied her except for her wrists. We're going to the strippeed. I've never came like that before. I've never felt like that before. I couldn't just say I figured that when you lost the bet I might not get another chance, so I took it. Connie and Steve had a four poster for a bed and stropped Karen wondered if they had it so they could play their own bondage games.

Stoires embarrassment at being naked and tied had vanished. It's more delicious when it's a surprise. Karen's wrists were untied and she strippes down tier stretched out. Each wrist was secured with the tled. Every strippev you have storjes mine to play with Karen didn't protest this time. She knew it wouldn't do any good and anyway she kind of liked it before; after she got used to it. Connie brought out a small rubber ball and Karen opened her mouth willingly and Connie popped it in. Another scarf was folded and used to hold the ball in place. Karen heard footsteps going away from the bed and then music began playing and that was all she heard. She tested her bonds, and nothing was loose.

She wondered how Connie had gotten the idea for this wonderful surprise. She felt the cool breeze flow over her breasts and down through her pussy hair. She wondered what else Connie would do to her. Connie had turned the music on to set the mood but also so Karen couldn't hear her move around. Then she retrieved a feather duster and also her briefcase of goodies. She returned to the bed and lightly brushed Karen's entire body with the duster. Karen undulated gently as parts of her body reacted to the duster's touch. Connie also licked, sucked, pinched, and fondled Karen randomly.

This all produced the desired result, Karen became wet and her nipples were hard. Connie rolled a nipple between her teeth and ran her fingers playfully through Karen's bush. Karen lifted her pussy toward Connie's hand, but Connie denied her what she wanted. Then Connie pulled away and sat down in a chair at the side of the bed and just watched. God, she thought, Karen really is a beautiful woman. Karen expected her stimulation to continue. She listened for sounds, but all she heard was the music. She tried to peek under the blindfold, but couldn't see anything. Where the hell is she? Come back and finish me off, please. Jeez, I can't stand this.

Suddenly Connie's touch on her nose reassured her. Connie traced her fingertips across Karen's gagged mouth, her chin, between her breasts, and down her stomach. Her fingers lingered in Karen's crotch, playing with her pubic hair, darting in her pussy, rubbing her clit. Karen's breathing filled the room and her hips undulated gently. Connie pulled away again and pulled more items from her briefcase. A low hum mixed with the music and then Karen felt the tip of a vibrator touch her right nipple. It traced around her nipple of her right breast and then on to her other nipple, then down her flat stomach and came to rest on her pussy. Connie moved it all over but never inside.

Karen strained upward and shouted through the gag "mmmpppfff". Connie put the cock-shaped vibrator into Karen's pussy and begain a rhythmic fucking motion. Karen pushed back and her breathing was shallow and rapid. Connie lubricated her index finger and traced around Karen's anus. The vibrator rested on Karen's clit and then began fucking her again. Suddenly Connie pushed her finger into Karen's ass and Karen climaxed as never before. One, two, three, she lost count. The vibrating cock slid out of her pussy, the finger came out of her ass, and Karen lay exhausted in a post-orgasmic state. She lay there and thoughts rushed over her. I took more pics, to remember this wonderful event.

So naturally, I whispered to his ear that I'd be right back with a surprise. That surprise was of course, me waking up Little Lilly and bringing her to Johnny's room. He screamed when he saw her sister and begged on the verge of tears for me to take her out. Meanwhile Lilly was enjoying the view and getting a good laugh. There is something that girls enjoy about stripping boys. Having them at our control, at our mercy. Looking at their humiliation. And like any other good girl, Lilly took pictures, with which I was sure she would blackmail her brother into more embarrassing moments. There was something magical about breaking up a though boy into a cry-baby, wearing little to no clothes.

I was about to send Lilly back to sleep, give Johnny the talk about not telling anyone or his mates may see the pictures, but young Lilly surprised me when she said: Yes I did -He replied mumbling. Johnny did not reply, the only sound in the room was the muffled giggles of young Lilly. It'd only take up a few Seconds. I'll take the first Oh, this was too good! I had made him cry! Ask me to expose to me and your sister your little thingy. And then I moved on with a great grin on my face and started to pull the marvel undies down. My thumbs grabbed Captain America's face when I took a grip on the front of the underwear and started to pull down. Johnny was getting more red every inch his undies slid down.

Every inch his wily was closer to being exposed. Lilly was getting more and more excited, opening her eyes more and more, waiting anxiously for the reveal. I was terribly enjoying the moment, I had broken another boy down. Not only that, but I also managed to get him naked from the waist and down this time! I continued to pull the comic strip the little guy called underwear until they were at his knees. If I had learnt something after all these years, is that having underwear at their knees makes boys feel much more mortified. They can feel how their underwear is there, not covering, exposing every bit of shameful skin.

And when I turned around for the great reveal for Lilly I saw her big eyes instantly focus on her brother's small genitalia. Not only was he small in height and size, but also he was small and bald down there. That made it so much better for me! Do you feel embarrassed that two girls are seeing your small willy? We saw everything, your babysitter and I -Lilly Joined in- now now how you look down there! And we have pictures, you will be my little slave now, wont you? I will -Johnny gave in. My job was done, I had another boy, tied up humiliated, and to make this even better, I had given his Sister the chance to get control over him.

I had another boy broken down, broken his tough personality and had showed how weak he really was inside. How small he is down there. Now I only had one thing to do. Maybe make him beg for you to untie him or something. Have fun sweetie, and remember, boys act tough, but they arent that good.

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